Paid Ads

Facing the challenges of bringing traffic to your website?

Website traffic

Facing the challenges of bringing traffic to your website?

You have your eCommerce store up and running, the next bigger challenge is to get quality traffic and conversions. Paid Ads offers a fast and targeted way to get your website found. Message heard, for new startups trying to get a foot on the ladder and establish brand awareness.

Why choose us?

We’ve curated the Our Paid Ad Starter Package for SMB owners like you to be your sidekick to help you get started. Our Starter Package acts as a roadmap to take your business forward and achieve your goals. You can benefit from:

  • A quick start to enable paid ad
  • Precise targeting based on your ideal customers 
  • A high level of budget control
  • Multiple ad formats set-up
  • Obtain easy-to-track performance reporting
  • Campaign optimization
  • Bespoke digital marketing training


How we solve: Paid Ad Starter Package

With our years of experience and knowledge, we tailor a bespoke plan for
you that overcomes your challenges within 30 days. The offer includes:

1440 – 2-1


We help you to do all the forepart work before kicking off, including market research, persona, defining suitable ad platform, keywords analysis, campaign framework, and setting the goal.
1440 – 3-1

Foundation Implementation

We help you to enable and integrate the ad account, create campaigns, choose the right bidding strategy , and set up reporting.
1440 – 4-1


We help to further optimize the ad campaigns after two weeks of ad set-up to ensure the highest ROI.
1440 – 5-1


We provide bespoke remote training to make sure you and your team are capable of managing the campaigns continuously.

Multiple channels set up


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