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What is Sellzone?

Sellzone is an award-winning suite of tools powered by Semrush,
helping you manage and optimize your Amazon Marketplace* listings.

*available for Amazon US only

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Best SEO Software Suite

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Why Sellzone?

1. Ease of use

Sellzone tracks and captures the changes in your Amazon seller account and presents it in a user-friendly interface. The consolidated dashboard allows you to oversee the product listing and manage the testing.

2. Supported by SEMrush

Leveraging the database of SEMrush, the market-leading keyword research databases, the Sellzone keyword tool provides top-notch keyword insights and actionable suggestions for your easy implementation. 

3. Customer support

Besides the excellent customer support, back up SEMrush. You can reach the support team through email, in the Sellzone community, or find the answers in the online knowledge base. 

The Toolkit

Sellzone Traffic Insights

Traffic Insights

The most advanced reverse ASIN tool on the market. It analyzes Amazon’s search performance and external traffic of any product to expand your audience and get more sales. The data is not available on Amazon Seller Central.
Sellzone Keyword wizard

Keyword wizard

A keyword research tool backed by SEMrush. It identifies tons of high-volume and high-converting keywords relevant to your store to enrich your listings.
Sellzone Listing quality check

Listing quality check

An audit tool to improve your product pages’ visibility, CTR, and sales. It scans your listings for content errors and incompleteness to improve product visibility based on best practices and Amazon guidelines to give you actionable advice.
Sellzone Listing Protection

Listing protection

A monitoring tool to surveil your product rankings and visibility in Amazon search. It acts quickly after losing control over your listing and minimizes the drop in sales.
Sellzone Product Research

Product research

A free product research tool for Amazon newbies to pick the perfect first product. It uncovers low-competition yet high-demand products by using convenient filters.
Sellzone Split Testing

Split testing

A free A/B testing tool to keep experimenting for top−performing listings. It ​​tests your listing’s content to find the best version and maximize your sales, try different titles, images, descriptions, and price points.

Pricing Plans

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